Many often confusticate with the denotation of these two words

– subsistence & survival.

We too!!!

For finding the difference we went walkabout many years by keeping our passions passive.

Today we are here before of you with a solution for this confusion. “NINGEN GUVEN” will in one breath offer unique creative products for the satisfaction of both customer& creator.

Products you own from NINGEN GUVEN will be a victorious apperception for its fabricator; as a matter of fact, the patron of such products will also share the art of victory with our products.

We are here to share your life with our featured quality products, keeping in mind, how to make you elate before & after every purchase of a NINGEN GUVEN product.

Pleasure to share our concept by introducing our brand name meaning,

NINGEN GUVEN” - clubbing of a Japanese word “NINGEN” with a Turkish word “GUVEN” giving a splendorous meaning “HUMAN TRUST”

Securing all your trust on us, this is our journey of fashion, with all our passion...